Painting Star Burst Window Frame on Garage Door

The garage door I painted to look like wood this week was one with a row of windows for the top row.  I am not absolutely  sure but I am 95% sure that newer building codes do not allow windows in garage doors any longer in Florida, at least along the coastal areas.

painted garage door

This sun burst frame effect dates a door.  I think it also adds about 3-4 hours more work time to the job.   What you have to do to be able to paint the frame work and not get the paint all over the window is slide paper between the fame and the window.  The actual framework is a plastic piece that is mounted onto the window and only attached around the edges.  So what I do is use a magazine and tear out the pages and lift the frame work out enough away from the glass to slip it under.  I cover up all the glass and then paint.  Then when it comes time to take out the paper its a time consuming process also.   There is also some paint that needs to be cleaned off the glass in most cases.   It is the only way I have found to paint the framework without leaving any white on any of the edges of the plastic piece.

paint garage door to look like wood

I am really happy with the way garage door looks like wood after I got done painting it.

Here a couple of in progress photos.