Paint A RV Garage Door To Look Like Wood

I painted my first big RV garage door to look like wood this week.  There were several challenges with painting this big door that I do not usually encounter with a standard size door but I was able to create a really nice wood look on the big garage door.

I sell an ebook tutorial that explains the step by step process I use to create this look on a garage door. The Garage Door Tutorial here.

The first photo is the completed project.  You can see how tall the door is.  A standard garage door is 4 rows high but this one is 7 rows high.

garage door painted to look like wood

I always start a garage door painting project by cleaning the door really well with a scrub pad and soap and water.  Then I apply a primer coat and then the base coat of paint.   In the next photo it shows where I have primed the door and I am almost finished applying the base coat of paint.  In this case the color of the base coat of paint is a SW color called Tanbark.

I give the base coat a full day to dry before I start to create the wood grain look on it.  Then I start at the top and tape off the center panels for painting.  Once the center panels are done I re-position the tape so I can paint the space between the panels.  The white arrows in the next photo show where I have re-positioned the tape and the green show where I have not yet done that.  I re-position the tape because in the space between the center panels I paint that area with a vertical grain as opposed to a horizontal grain of center panel itself.

Once a row of panels are painted I paint the space between them with a horizontal grain pattern.  In the next photo you can see how I tape off the door for that step.  The door is 12 feet high so I had to use my 8 foot ladder to get to the top but even that was a stretch for me.

The following picture shows the top 4 rows complete.  That took a long day to get that done with all the ladder work involved but you can see how great it is coming out.

painting a garage door

Here is another look at the RV garage door painted to look like wood.  The homeowners are really pleased with the outcome.

RV garage door painted like wood