Slightly Different Panel on Garage Door

I started a new garage door this week painting it to look like wood.  Most garage doors I paint have a basically the same kind of panel design.  This door is similar but slightly different.  Typically there is a beveled area that surrounds the center of the panel.  This door really doesn't have that.  This is only the second garage door I have painted to look like wood that has this particular layout.

You really can't see what I am talking about with these two photos so I will post some better photos soon.  I was going to get some yesterday but I got rained out.  These photos are from Monday when I started.

The first thing I do is scrub the doors down really well with soap and water to get all the dirt off.  Not that they were really dirty but being outside anything is going to have a layer of dust and dirt on it.

So in the first photo you can see how I have applied the primer over the white doors and in the second photo I have applied the base coat of paint.  The base coat I am using on these doors is a Sherwin Williams color called Toasty.

I should be able to get a good day in today as the forecast is much better as far as rain goes.