Painting A Strie Look On Kitchen Cabinet Makeover.

What is a 'strie' look anyway?  From Wikipedia;
 Strié is a popular form of faux painting using glaze and paint brushes to create a soft natural striped texture.  The word strié can be used to describe this process of painting, or to describe the actual finish created.

The first two photos show the end result of this kitchen cabinet painting project.  You can readily see the soft strie that I created on the cabinets.

I created this look for the island in the kitchen and for the cabinets in the pass-thru area (which I'll show later).  This next photo shows how the cabinetry looked before I started.   There were two large panels on either end.   Each side has doors and the side with the range top has some drawers.

After cleaning really well to get off any cooking oils or grease I first prime all the surfaces to be painted.  The next photo shows the primer going on.

I used a Benjamin Moore color called Iron Gate for the base coat of paint.  Once that was dry I then taped off each door like in the next photo.

A closer view of how the corners get taped off.

I make the paint stroke for the strie effect go from top to bottom of the door panel and I start on the tape and end on the tape. Once the tape is removed you can see the nice crisp corner using the tape gives you.

Then I re-position the tape over what I have painted to paint the strie effect on the rest of the trim, this gets the strie in the opposite direction.

The next photo is a nice look at one of the finished doors.

A closer view shows the subtle strie effect.

The following three photos show the finished work.

painting a strie on kitchen cabinets

The next two photos show the pass-thru cabinets.  The top section has those two doors with the glass.  I took the glass off of course to paint them, then inside there I just painted that area a solid darker gray.  These cabinets were the same as the island to start off with.


  1. Replies
    1. The base coat color is BM Iron Gate 1545, the darker color that goes over it is BM Dragon's Breathe 1547. Hope this helps.

  2. Looks so Amazing! How has the paint held up? Can you elaborate if you mixed the Dragons breathe with any glaze and or extender - and also what kind of brush you used. Thanks so much.

    1. The paint job has held up really well because I applied two coats of a clear waterbased urethane called Varathane -
      A very good product.
      I use a Wooster china bristle brush for most of my faux painting work. This is the one I use, the 2 inch angled, thin version -

      To get the strie look I use a 'dry brush' technique and also push down on the brush which separates the brush bristles out to create a grain.
      Hope this helps.


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