Paint Beam in Kitchen to Look Like Wood

I finished painting a beam in a kitchen remodel this week.  I created a wood beam on drywall.  This kitchen was totally gutted down to the studs and rebuilt with all new cabinets, appliances, flooring and counters, etc..

Here is the finished beam in the kitchen.

I painted this wood look to match the wood on the floor.  The floor is not actually wood.  It is tile but you can not tell the difference.  Tile manufacturers have come a long way in making floor tile look like wood.

Here a few photos of a closer look at the work.  I also painted the wood look on the backside of the beam but could not get a photo of that area.  It was a very difficult area to get to.  I was barely able to get that area painted but worked it out.


  1. Can you please share what paint colors you used to paint this to create this?

  2. If you look at the post I tried to use colors that matched the flooring in the kitchen. Of the various colors I used were, a white, a color called Tatami Tan from Sherwin Williams, a SW color called Java, a charcoal color. I mixed and matched those throughout the beam. I did use quite a bit of the charcoal and white, mixing those colors in the others and with each other. It is very difficult to describe the process of getting this look but basically it's a matter of blending the colors while you make the grain lines. Hope this helps.


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