Garage Door Five Rows High

Most the garage doors I paint to look like wood are 4 rows high but about 20% of them are 5 rows high like the door I painted last week.  It's more work for sure but in addition to that the opening for this garage door is curved at the top and that adds a whole new challenge.

Let's take a look at the finished door. You can see the curved arch at the top.  There are eight panels across the door.  The two center panels where not covered by the arch so no problem there.  But other ones especially the two outside ones on either side where covered pretty good.  In order for the wood grain to look good I had to paint those panels with the door opened up.

So I opened the door and got my ladder and reached in painted them like that.  To add to the challenge of it all the space between the ceiling in the garage and the door when opened was about 8 inches.  I could barely fit my arm in there and paint and I had to turn my head sideways just to see what was going on.  I have a paint brush that I have sawed off the handle and I use that.  A regular size brush would not fit in the space.