New Industrial Sculpture "Brake"

I finished creating a new sculpture in my series of industrial sculptures.  The title of the piece is 'Brake'.  It measures 44.5 inches in height, the base is 15.5 inches by 7.5 inches.

This piece, like all of the free standing  industrial sculptures I create, are created with a vision of them being a complete 360 degree work of art.  The piece has been created from building materials and found objects.  One of the found objects is a part of the brake drum assembly from a vehicle. I discovered it lying in a parking lot at a big box home improvement store already aged to perfection. The piece of natural wood was found on a beach of the Gulf of Mexico in the Tampa Bay area.

The first two photographs show both sides of the piece.

The hand rubbed finish in combination with the rustic building materials really works well together.  The following series of photographs are detail images first from one side and then the other.

Side one.

Side two.

The last two photographs are sort of overhead shots.