Espresso Color Countertop

I was able to finish creating the espresso color on the countertop yesterday.  After painting the pale yellow countertop a medium brown I then created a wood grain with three additional colors.  The first one is a SW color called Turkish Coffee, the second is Black Bean and the last color I used was a black.

The following photos show the steps involved.  The first is the counter a solid color brown.

 The second photo is after the first color wood grain applied.

 This next photo is the counter basically complete.

 It's a little hard to see the actual wood grain pattern here in the next two photos but that is the idea.  The espresso wood look is a very dark, dark brown wood grain and it unless you are in front of it you really have a hard time seeing the wood grain.


  1. Gorgeous work- it is an absolute joy to watch the effects you create. On the counter top, did you add any additional top coat to protect the paint?

    Thank you again,

    1. Yes I added 3 coats of a clear coat on the top. This is the product I use

      It's called Varathane no odor polyurethane and you only want to use the waterbased one. Don't use oil based. You can get it on Amazon and also you can read all the great reviews of it there. Hope this helps.


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