Paint Two Garage Doors And Four Entry Doors To Look Like Wood

We've had a ton of rain this past 2 weeks.  So much so  I can hardly get more than 3 hours of work done in a day so it's been slow going.  I did manage to get a new home painting project off the ground however.  Mostly I was just able to base coat all the different doors I am painting to look like wood.

This beautiful home has a double entry door.  Before I applied the golden brown color you see in the next photo the doors were painted a deep purple.

After I got them base coated and it dried I taped off to begin the process of creating a wood grain look on them.

This next two photos shows how I was able to get the wood grain painted in on the bottom panels of each door.

The other two entry doors are for a small patio area.  In this photo I have not quite finished applying the base coat of paint.

The last two doors are the garage doors.  I have a double door and and a single door to paint to look like wood.

When I paint a garage door to look like wood I like to paint the area behind the weather strip whenever possible.  The reason is when the door goes up, as in the next photo, you can see that narrow vertical strip as the door makes the curve in opening.  In the next photo the red arrows indicate how I tape off that vertical strip and I typically just paint it in a dark brown color.  The green arrow is showing how the white of the door is revealed behind the weather strip.

This last photo shows the area behind the weather strip painted in a solid dark brown after I took off the tape.  I was able to paint behind the weather strip on both doors this week so when I start to paint the garaged doors to look like wood next week at least that will be done.


  1. what paint did you use as your base paint?

  2. I used a Sherwin Williams color called Toasty. Hope this helps.


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