Painting Cabinets With A Stylishly Aged Look

I was able to finish up the cabinet project today that I have been working on for the past week.  I would have liked to have worked on it yesterday but in this area where I live we had 10-12 inches of  rain in 24 hour period and there wasn't much driving around going on.

So here are photos of the finished cabinets.  The first one is a straight on view, with the second photo I tried to show the dark wood top I created but the grain is pretty dark and it's hard to see.

You can see at the base of the walls on either side of the cabinets the baseboard has not been installed yet.  The cabinets look great with the beautiful new floor.

The next photo is a before shot.  Quite a bit of difference and a really nice stylishly upgrade too.

Here a couple of close-ups of the doors.

All the doors together.