Two New Original Paintings

I have not posted in quite a while because I have been busy creating two new original paintings.  They are pretty big paintings too.  Each one measures 24 inches by 80 inches.  They will be installed side by side.  The first photo shows the piece that will go on the left side and the second will go right of that.

When they are installed it will show a sweeping shorescape of the inter-coastal mangrove islands of Tampa Bay.

When I create original paintings I work with acrylic paints and I always start with the background first and then work to the foreground.

Here is a picture of the first day working on the backgrounds.  I laid out the paintings end to end so I could get continuity of brush strokes across both paintings.

The following photos are some detail shots of the pieces.

It takes me a long time to create the detailed artwork but in the end the effort is worth it.


  1. Gorgeous work- really beautiful. Thank you for posting it...


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