Painting Entry Doors To Look Like Wood

I was able to finish up a front entry door project this week.  I have never painted an entry door with this color scheme and was a little leery at first but after I got finished I really liked it.  The designer I work with a lot and who is in charge of this major remodel is very creative and his ideas always seem to work out great.

Here is a picture of the finished doors.  I painted both the exterior and interior of the doors to look the same.

The base coat color for these doors is the surprising part.  Take a look at the next photo.  Believe me I was wondering how this was going to look when I started.  You can see that I use a lot of tape in my painting projects when I am painting doors to look like wood.

This next photo gives you a peek inside.  You can see the scaffolding there.  The ceiling at that point is a little over 20 feet.  This was a major remodel and basically the entire home got gutted and rebuilt.  It is almost done however, probably another 2-3 weeks and it will be finished.

The next shot shows the contrast between the base coat and the finished look.

 A closer view.

This is the approach to the front doors.  The debris you see in the lower right of the photo is from the remodel.

Another look at the finished doors.  They came out great and everyone loves them.


  1. great work. love how you think out of the box.

  2. have you ever tried "life deck" for your top coat?

  3. No, I have not even heard of it but I will check it out.

  4. it works well for me. I can even add water born stain to it and use it to shade.

  5. do you mind sharing the base color. I have been wanting to try this color combo since I first saw it.:)

    1. I looked at my records and I used a Ben Moore color called Dark Teal 2053-20. the wood grain color was a mix but it's a charcoal. Pretty sure I added some black to SW Sealskin color. Hope this helps.

    2. yes. thank you very much! keep up the great work:)


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