Painting Faux Stone Trim

I finished up a project this week in which I was tasked to paint faux stone trim.  This type of stone has a lot of pock marks in it and the look is to have the pock marks a medium dark color then the surface of the stone is an off white.

This a new construction home and apparently after the stone was applied where changes where made and more trim was added.  So my job was to match the new faux stone trim to the existing.

When you get the new faux stone it comes white so I had to paint it to match the off white existing trim.  The first two photos show a before and after.

The next two photos show before.

So the first thing I had to do was get the darker color into the pock marks on the foam.  It was a challenge and to do that I watered down the paint quite a bit and painted it on with a very short bristled brush.   That way I could 'push' the paint down into the cavities. It was a messy procedure and I had to constantly be cleaning up drips. The next two photos show a stretch where I had the darker going along above one set of the sliders.

Here is a close up of the deep cavities I had to first fill.

Then the same area after I 'dry brushed' the off white color on top, leaving the cavities dark.

Here is a before and after of two corners.

 There was a little knee wall outside that gave the back up generator a nice spot to live.  The next two are in progress shot and then the after.

This work was done outside the master bedroom.  Here is the view.  A nice view for sure.