Painting Entry Door to Match Garage Door Wood Grain

Last week I finished up painting two entry doors to match the three garage doors (of my previous post) I had painted to look like wood.  This door is right next to the three garage doors so it made sense to have it look the same.  The other door is around the side.  The biggest challenge with these entry doors was they are oversized.  About 96 inches high instead of your standard 81, which means I had to use a ladder to reach the top.

The is door is a fiberglass door and started out all white.  You can see where I was testing out the primer to see how well it would adhere.  I use grey 'gripper' primer from Glidden and after it dried you couldn't scrap it off at all, worked fantastic.

 So after the primer dried I applied the base coat of paint, SW Toasty the same as the base for the garage doors.

I start by taping off where the horizontal wood grain will be painted in.

Then once taped off I use SW Fiery Brown for the first coat of wood grain color.  Then I use SW Black Bean for the second and darker coat of wood grain color.

This next photo is a great view of the wood grain I painted on.  This door came out great.

The finished job again.