Painting A Large Garage Door To Look Like Wood

I finished painting one of the largest garage doors I have ever worked on.  This door is five rows high which is not that unusual but each row of this door was larger than normal.  About 15-20% of the garage doors I paint to look like wood are five rows high but this one with the oversized rows was really large.

For this door I used a base coat color called Toasty by Sherwin Williams.  After that dried I started on the rows working from the top to bottom.  The top two rows I had to use a ladder to paint.  Typically on a double car door I don't need a ladder at all.  I have to use one though with all the doors that are five rows high.

In this first picture you can see how I have finish up the top two rows and I have taped off and am working on the third row down.  For painting on the wood grain I used a SW color called Terra Brun for the first color of brown.  The second and darker color brown I used SW Black Bean.

In the next shot you can see a little closer look at how the door is coming out.

This last picture is the finished door painted to look like wood.  I sell a complete tutorial on how I go about painting a garage door to look like wood.  I sell it on this site here.