Paint A Garage Door To Look Like Wood

I have been working on a new project this week painting standard white metal garage doors to look like wood.  I got off to a good start even though one day was a rain out.  I got the doors scrubbed down really well with soap and water first.  After that dried the primer went on and then the basecoat.

Here is a photo of both doors, the smaller one is primed and the larger one has the basecoat already applied.

painting a garage door

 The smaller garage door was painted to look like wood first.  Step one in the process after the basecoat dries is to tape off each panel.  I paint the center of each panel with a horizontal wood grain first.

painting a garage door to look like wood

Once the center panels have been painted with a horizontal wood grain.  Then I tape off and paint the area between the panels with a vertical wood grain pattern. In the photo below you can see how each row has been completely painted with a wood grain.  The next step is to paint in the areas between the rows and then the vertical area on each side.

garage door half way painted to look like wood

These garage doors are on the south side of the home and they get direct sun all day.  So I in this case I use my sun tarp to provide shade, here is my setup below.

sun tarp for protection while painting a garage door to look like wood

The next two photos show the garage door completely painted to look like wood.  The first one is taken with the sun tarp up and the second one is taken with it taken down.

single car garage door painted to look like wood

garage door painted to look like wood

This week I will take on the larger door.