Warrior Shield Sculpture

I completed creating a new sculpture this past week.  It is inspired by African Warrior Shields. This wood sculpture was created with construction materials and found objects.  It measures 27 inches (.68 m) wide, 66 inches (1.68 m) high and 3 inches (7.62 cm) deep.

warrior shield wood sculpture

The three pieces of found driftwood represent three spears.  They are installed in the center quiver.

warrior shield sculpture
Here are some closeups. This first one is a good photo to show the woodworking on the surface of the piece.  I sculpted it to have a hand hewn look.

closeup of warrior shield sculpture

closeup of warrior shield sculpture

The metal straps were fabricated from a piece of sheet metal which I cut by hand and aged.

closeup of warrior shield sculpture

This is a picture to show relative size.