Industrial Strength Grip Tray

'Get a Grip'

This is a great woodworking project for anyone.  It doesn't take much in the way of supplies or tools and it is a highly practical and useful gift to give someone or yourself.

Everyone needs a place to put your loose change and keys.  You might as well have a place to put your phone and wallet too.

That's why I have been making 'Grip Trays'.  Industrial strength and hand crafted these grip trays give you a beautiful place to keep all your important grip in.

These solid wood grip trays are hand crafted with a recessed area for your change and keys. On one end there an amble area for your phone or wallet or both.

wood tray to keep change and keys in
You can see in the photos the recessed area which is rough sculpted. That sculpted bottom makes it easy to pick up coins when you are on the go.

wood tray to keep phone, keys and change in
These trays are 18 inches long, 7.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep.  The phone in the photo is an xl phone so plenty of room.

wood tray to keep change and keys in
Each end is finished off with a steel bar that adds to the industrial look and stabilizes the wood from ever warping.

end view of hand crafted wood coin tray

Many coats of a clear finish add a perfect luster and gives each tray outstanding durability.  These trays have a rustic industrial look but the finish gives them a silky smooth feel.