More 'Son of Grip Trays'

These Grip Trays are really beautiful as well as useful.  If you enjoy a fine piece of craftsmanship you can't miss with an industrial strength Grip Tray.

This post is showing off some more of the 'Son of Grip Trays'.   Somewhat smaller but still plenty of size for all your change, keys and wallet or phone.  You need a safe and reliable place for you money and car keys, this is it.

Each Son of Grip Tray is 12 inches long, 7.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep.  Sealed with an industrial clear sealer giving you the performance you want.  The bottom of each recessed area that holds you coins is sculpted to allow easy pickup.

I really like the variety of design you can create with the layout of colors.

wood tray for change, car keys

Looking at the end you can see the added steel bar for extra stability.

DYI wood tray for coins, car keys, wallet

All the room you need.  The sculpted bottom of the recessed area facilitates easy coin pick up.

DIY wood tray for car keys, change

Another favorite color combination of mine.

handmade wood tray to hold change and car keys

DIY wood tray to hold coins, car keys, wallet

handmade wooden tray to coins, car keys

Handcrafted and Industrial Strength.

DIY wooden tray to hold coins, car keys

coins and car keys in a DIY wood tray

wooden tray with coins and car keys

Everyone needs a grip tray!

DIY wood tray to hold change and car keys

car keys and coins in a beautiful  wood tray

end look at wood tray to hold change and car keys