New Industrial Wabi-Sabi Sculpture

wood sculpture

 I completed a new Industrial Sculpture this week.  The piece stands 53 inches high, the base is 7.5 by 10.5 inches.  It is created with building materials and found objects.  The body of work I am creating with my sculptures is heavily influenced by the ancient Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi.  The Wabi-Sabi aesthetic is the view or thought of finding the beauty in every aspect of nature.  It is about the aesthetic of seeing the beauty of things in existence, that are 'imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete'.

This first photo gives you an idea of the size.

industrial wood sculpture

For me there is always a challenge in photographing a tall slender piece of work.  The following photos show the work from all sides.  The industrial sculptures I create are with the intention of them not really having a front or back but instead are created to be viewed and appreciated from all angles.

I have some close ups of the work next.  The piece is titled, "Buttoned Up."  I 'borrowed' a button from my wife's sewing kit, which you can see center in the next photo.

A few more close up shots.  I found the piece of driftwood on a walk along the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

This next photo is a nice closer view of the seed pod I gathered from a local tree.  The pods can grow up to 24 inches length.  They are from the Flamboyant Tree or Royal Poinciana.

I am going to start this week on some smaller pieces, which I am looking forward too.  I really enjoy working on these Wabi-Sabi sculptures.