Flamingos, Flamingos, Flamingos, Large Contemporary Flamingo Canvas Painting

 I have to say, you either love Flamingos or you don't.  You love them, I just know you do also. And why not? I mean what's not to love? They are unusual yet beautiful.  Graceful in their gait and oh that color, fantastic.  You can now have this stunningly beautiful, very affordable large Flamingo wall art to enhance and beautify your home. Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home now.  

Three Flamingos standing in water painting by Robert Schott

I have painted and sold dozens of Flamingo paintings through the years.  This piece is titled, 'Perfect Balance'.  The title refers not only to how a Flamingo can stand tall on one leg but how balanced the overall composition of the work is.  I think it's perfect in everyway.  I am so happy to be able to offer this work to you ready to install in your home.  Reproduced and stretched on canvas with all archival materials, this stunning artwork will bring life to any room in your home.

detail of flamingo painting

One thing about my art that works in your favor is that my paintings are one of a kind. You will only see this work from me.  I never copy or paint photos from magazines or the web.  I do my sketches and research of my subjects out in the field by myself.  That way you can rest assured when you have a work of my art no one else is gong to say something like, "Oh yeah, I saw the the same thing here or there or wherever." Not going to happen. 

three flamingos in painting by Robert Schott

With the Flamingos I got tons of research and sketches from two places.  The first one is literally right down the road from me.  It's one of St. Petersburg's attractions called Sunken Gardens.   A beautiful walk through flowering plants of all kinds and many exotic birds.  They have a couple of dozen Flamingos that are very approachable.  You can get within a few feet of them.  Great for sketching.

three flamingos in a painting

The other place where I have gotten some unbelievable good research is the Riverbanks Zoon and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina.  Fantastic zoo.  They typically have a few dozen Flamingos situated in the perfect arrangement to sketch and get reference material.  Riverbanks Zoo is the best zoo I have ever visited.  Really great for the kids too.  Lots and lots of stuff to do.  When you go plan on at least one full day to see it all.

three flamingos in a painting

Once I got enough research material, I grab my sketch book and start to play with compositions.  In this case I knew I wanted to create a classic Flamingo painting available here.  I started with one Flamingo but quickly realized I wanted to show more than one classic pose.  The Flamingo has so many what could be called classic stands.  

large flamingo painting

After I had played around with the three different poses I knew I wanted a close up background.  Those split-leaf philodendrons are a real challenge to paint, especially the way I painted them with the overlapping leaves but I really think it was the perfect choice. 

three flamingos in a painting

The stretched work has 1.5 inch deep solid wood stretcher bars and are gallery wrapped with solid color edges for a contemporary, smart look.  Additionally, all sizes, not only the very large sizes, are available as rolled canvas. 
When you order any of the sizes as a rolled canvas it comes with a 2 inch solid color border around all the edges.  That way when it is framed the piece has a smart, modern look.  The solid color for this work is seen in the first photo of it in this post above.  All the artwork uses fine art, archival canvases and inks. With the proper care this artwork will last a lifetime.